What are the activities carried on by competitors against the well known websites of the reputed business ?

Products in development corresponds to the camera of 4K (4,096 × 2,160 pixels) with the number of pixels more than four times the full HD, other super 35mm equivalent which is the standard of the film industry, 35mm full-size, APS-H, It corresponds to the sensor size of APS-C.Detailed specifications and price is not yet determined, I am aiming to commercialize the 2013 year-end.By lens of  eCommerce Website Development choice increases, the width of the video that can be shooting spread, enables even more colorful picture making.

From April 8, 2013 to 11 days will be held in the United States Las Vegas, in the world’s largest exhibition of video and broadcasting equipment and digital media of “NAB Show 2013”, is scheduled to reference exhibit this product.will continue to contribute to the development of expansion and image culture of further visual expression area.Canon, In response to strong demand from the video productions such as movies · provides and applications that increase the efficiency of color Canon, “CINEMA EOS SYSTEM” camera five models various firmware to improve the performance of the and the application version up version free download services, will begin sequentially on the Canon website from June 2013.

The version-up of the application “Cinema RAW Development” for developing the RAW data of 4K video, “AMPAS corresponds to “is a color management that proposed standard” ACES “.As a result, even in the different images taken by a plurality of cameras of color characteristics, color management in the unified color space becomes possible, it will realize an efficient workflow in video production.

The farm-up of the camera body, “EOS C100” (November 2012 release) is installed, you can add a function of has gained popularity as the “PUSH AUTO IRIS”, “ONE-SHOT AF”.This makes it possible to adjust the Iris and focus at the touch of a button, it is effective particularly when facing the cinematographers and videographers shooting alone without any such assistant.

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