Why the website designers are required to learn the designing concepts?

The comparison shopping website (also known as service or price engine) allows customers to see lists of prices for specific products from different sellers.Most services do not sell products themselves, but will redirect the customer to sellers’ website to buy from there.Merchant (seller) create a datafeed file which normally includes product title, description, price, postage, image url, product url, product categories etc information.Then upload the datafeed file or the URL of datafeed file to Merchant Center.Customers go onto the shopping Template Design  site and search for a specific model of the product, the site will list all different prices of the product from different seller.

More clicks to the product if the seller has higher position of product listing on the shopping site.A more well known company will receive more clicks as “Buy with confident” is very important to online shopping environment.The most popular shopping comparison websites in Australia are: My Shopping, Shopping.com.au, Google Shopping, Shopbot and Getprice.It is only release end of 2012 which is upgrade version of Google Product Search.DD web solutions offers service of opening account in shopping comparison websites.Create, update, and maintain datafeed files as well as products/categories bidding.

Email newsletters are from traditional mail box delivery but have into electronic form.
DD web solutions creates template for your business.The newsletter has combined into the website to help you to keep in touch with your online registered customers.If your business is stagnated, it is time to change your online strategies.

Think about you have spent lots of time to make your website looks good, offers great features and lots of useful information, however, people cannot get to your website and your site traffic is very low.
Most businesses now have a good online presentation and are taking advantage of the online marketing strategies to stay ahead of the competition.

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