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A key element of the package was the installation of a road median barrier at Pine Creek near Bonville.The improvements at Pine Creek involved widening the pavement on the eastern side of the highway and installing a central wire rope barrier to prevent head on collisions.In a first for NSW roads, a TL4 rated BRIFEN wire rope safety barrier was used.The innovative TL4 barrier consists of four ropes – three are woven and one (the highest) is straight.The ropes are positioned at higher levels than standard BRIFEN posts to web design companys counter the impact of vehicles with a high centre of gravity, such as trucks and buses.

TL4 safety barriers have proven to be successful in deflecting heavy vehicles – crash testing with an 8000 kg heavy vehicle at 80 km/h deflects the vehicle while keeping it on the correct side of the road.Staff from Environmental Services and the RTA construction team worked together to balance the design of the project with strict environmental constraints.
This included minimising the need to clear trees on the eastern side of the highway and preserving Aboriginal artifacts.

Each participant conducted their activities in the spirit and intent of the Alliance Agreement.
Close relationships strengthened staff commitment to the project and helped them meet the tight deadline for completion of work.Thanks to their hard work, the project was completed two weeks ahead of schedule,” said Peter Collins, Regional Manager Northern Region.
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