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Venez échanger avec l'équipe dirigeante sur l'activité de l'EBA en faveur des startups et des entreprises de croissance : création, restructuration, consolidation, implantation sur les marchés globaux Etats-Unis, Europe, MENA, Afrique, Russie, Chine. Plus de 12 entreprises en accélération :


1 spin-off 
8 early stage
1 de 2M€ Turnover
1 de 130M€ Turnover
1 de 200M€ Turnover

Qui sommes-nous ?

Created at the initiative of entrepreneurs - investors from the Harvard Business School and Europe’s GrandesEcoles, the EBA 's mission is to:

Consolidate or accelerate the international development of high potential projects (re-prototyping/funding/opening key accounts worldwide and pre- marketing)

Support leaders who want to create or acquire a business, co-found, co-invest or incorporate a startup in an operational or functional position

The EBA is also dedicated to supporting companies in:


The drive of their innovational projects in startup mode operation ; Securing their acquisitions or spin-offs


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